That is right, finally my take on the Zelday event held at GC6 is done, I have compiled together footage I felt was appropriate and would transfer the best as well as showing the festival in a positive light and showing off all the great things that happened that day.

The video is part of my work placement project work and is to be eventually used by GC, at least I hope so; after some minor changes from the main editor and digital co-ordinator; Lee Nicholls.

I will be uploading other videos I both personally edited and filmed in some cases and also assisted with the editing so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!

– Aaron

About aaronc18

Ok so I am Aaron, clearly you either have way to much time on your hands, as your bothering to read the about me page, or you are genuinely interested in my works and maybe even me as a person. I am a super awesome, elf looking boy, who dresses in green and drinks milk and kicks ass.......and I just finished my milk....and don't call me Link. Ok randomness over, I am glad you have decided to read my "VERY INTERESTING BLOG" your words not mine. I am a young and upcoming film maker and assume many roles within the film and video industry, as well as my graphics and photography projects. I also do a lot of charity work and volunteer work, such as bike rides, runs, and a new addition to the list, this year I am going to be helping out at GameCity in Nottingham so why not come on down to GameCity 6 for Zelday ( a whole day devoted to Zelda games and its 25th anniversary) where there will be a Hyrule Market, Ocarina playing, swordfighting and of course LONLON MILK!! - and for the record it most definitely does not taste like normal milk! But anyways just so you know if there is anything you would like to know about me etc just drop me an email or a comment or even drop in on the Saturday of GameCity....its going to be a blast!

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